The new day

Sun atop the trees on blessed cozy mornings where squirrels play with abandon, pleasant scents of coffee brewing and wafting, waking up my sleepy mind. Lush herbs grow from the seeds I sowed some time ago, Life permeates into soul. In between the rustle of the trees and birdsong, a pair of eyes close in […]


I close my eyes, Breathe from my ragged lungs, deeply, cooking up a sense of serenity. My mind is a muddle, in the morning at 2:30.   My ears ringing in the silence of this room, are far louder, than the the sky above my ceiling, tearing up,for another airplane, full of insomniac women and men, […]

The Young Martyr

(This is an old work,revised and edited) He lay there in a pool of blood, his head hollow.As if the insides had been scooped out with a spoon. A salty taste permeated his mouth, choking him. All he could hear was the slow beating of his own heart reverberating inside his head and some faraway […]


I want to tell you little secrets, of the mossy lane I walked bare-feet. Scented with the fresh earth and last nights rain, slightly wet but ever so sweet.   Of the spring sunshine that floods the sky, in strings of tender gold. They touch vagrant pink roses on the roof, that never listen to […]

Sun Tea

The morning sun is always tender its makes my potted fern golden green The cares of yesterday melt in the momentous bliss as the golden threads play on my finger tips The inviting sight, its charming  light seems like a beautiful reverie, The concrete walls surrounding me, loses some of its  atrocity. An empty jar […]

The Morning

I imagined that beyond the buildings in colored concrete which surrounded my whole existence; there was a beach where the sun shone in the early morning light and a crisp February breeze prevented it from getting too hot I could taste the sea…


  Today I am alone…  contemplating misty mountain trails on a foggy day hot tea and conversations laughter with friends warm boots I could run in completely free the smell of pine needles the slip of the sleet the freeze of the water in the drums that stood still the tenderest sunshine from the birch trees so bare the falling of last leaves and the girl who stood […]