All night, the wind tossed trees aside like a salad in a bowl,I looked out from the double paned window and worried about the squirrels. Usually they look like a free circus as they waltz around the trees.
Eventually after much drama, it rained buckets and made all my pink geranium blooms wet and soggy. I think it will rain again, the day is overcast, but I quite like days like these, they remind me of days I’ve lived before and the memories are good. Periodically, a soft breeze blows that tastes of earth.Sheer cotton curtains, billow in gusts like a live thing.My dog tired from his walk, opens and closes his droopy eyes, ready to fade into a few moments of delicious restfulness. What a terror he is! He gobbled up a pretty yellow freesia I invited him to smell.Made me laugh,I live for moments like these.Now he smells like a spring flower and sleeps at the foot of my bed.I got other things to do beside musing…


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