Observation 1

The day is bright and sunny.I’m always amazed by how sunshine dispels all gloom but too much of it and I find myself slathering on greek yoghurt on my face as opposed to eating the sour vile thing. I’m doing random things on a Saturday with my SO like going to the gardening/hardware store and buying a tape measure. “Why a tape measure?” you may ask. I need to go buy a cheap couch as my dog literally ate it.I assume other peoples dogs have gone only as far as eating their homework. He started as a teething puppy seven months ago when we brought him home from the rescue centre. He worked his way with his vicious needle like puppy teeth from under the couch.By the time I had talked him into “No biting!” the middle of the couch sank, like my heart. Now we have a one cushion sized sinkhole where a seat used to be “I hope you had fun!” I want to say sarcastically but i don’t think he really understands because he just wags his tail, looks at me with puppy eyes surrounded with mounds of stuffing.He looks happy.
At the store, we finally find the tape measure. I’m tempted to buy a machete. I imagine I’m like Lara Croft slashing away at some tropical jungle full of snakes and whatnot. At the checkout counter in front of me is a little girl of about six. Her long strawberry blonde hair is done up in loose braids and rests on the back of her pale pink t-shirt. I envy her black pants that remind me of sparkly stars in the night sky. She holds a green plastic bird feeder in her hand,I hope for her sake, that the birds come and eat from it. I want to be six again just to wear those pants. The elderly woman at the checkout counter is so customer friendly,I feel I’m at the reception of some luxury hotel. I truly love people like that; the ability to make people feel good just by opening their mouth to speak. I wish I was like that, sweet and friendly like that lady. I have noticed I elicit either a blank stare, a dirty look, or a swift retort. I wish all of you could see my heart bleeding. I just got to admit, some people are just not born with “the gift of gab.” I suppose that why I write.
After having our egos stroked by the lovely lady’s kind words, we walk out of the store. Near the entrance, tables are lined up with cardboard, green paper, scissors and sticks of glue. A few kids are making some kind of lantern for St.Patricks Day which is next week I think. They look like little leprechauns.An employee is standing looking down at them, he looks like he has a massive hangover from Friday night. I recently discovered they have kegs with green beer here for St Patricks Day at Bevmo!I want to taste it just for the sake of curiosity. Anyway, it’s a bright spring day and now I’m headed to Ikea, where in my search for a cheap and sturdy couch,I will pray for my dog to develop other interests. I’m bracing myself for a battle with my SO when choosing the couch. Damn! I know I should’ve bought that machete!

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