Observation exercise: Shoreline Lake

    I sit facing the Shoreline lake, some Orange Earl Grey tea brewing in a paper cup. In the new breeze, the water ripples like an azure silk sheet. Folded ‘sunflower-yellow’ umbrellas sway gently above the checkered green-white plastic table-covers spread along community style tables. As I sip my tea, three Mallard ducks slowly […]


All night, the wind tossed trees aside like a salad in a bowl,I looked out from the double paned window and worried about the squirrels. Usually they look like a free circus as they waltz around the trees. Eventually after much drama, it rained buckets and made all my pink geranium blooms wet and soggy. […]

A Glass of love

Once we went to visit our grandparents at our ancestral house at the tea estate. Right next door lived a kindly middle-aged lady we all affectionately called aunt or Nini in Rai language. Whenever we visited our grandparents we were welcomed with such warmth by all the neighbors. “Apuii kaile aayo?” when did you arrive? […]

Observation 1

The day is bright and sunny.I’m always amazed by how sunshine dispels all gloom but too much of it and I find myself slathering on greek yoghurt on my face as opposed to eating the sour vile thing. I’m doing random things on a Saturday with my SO like going to the gardening/hardware store and […]

The Questioning owl

There was an owl that lived in the woods. It had creamy white feathers and big brown eyes, All day long he stood on the branch of an old oak tree, Dreaming away…   The tree changed its colors, through spring, winter and summer. In autumn it was splendid, in autumn it was its best, […]